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Scorrybreac is the ancestral home of the clan MacNicol for over 800 years.

A people descended from Scandinavian Vikings and Gaelic settlers, it was a hard land that required determination, fortitude, and a close-knit clan community to thrive in.Scorrybreac Barbell embodies the values of that lineage.Why am I telling you about this? Well because I want to introduce you to Scorrybreac Barbell who went from an empty facility to a thriving gym who sold out their first event in just a few months.

GutzyStrengthCo ScorryBreacBarbell 117Scorrybreac Barbell is a fitness facility that will challenge you, you’ll work hard, and you’ll achieve more than you thought possible. But no one succeeds alone. Scorrybreac Barbell has a community like no other to motivate and support you, to help you through the challenges, and share in your triumphs.

This new fitness facility knew that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with.

But they also knew that in order to do that, they need a bulletproof brand that would expand beyond their logo.

Scorrybreac had the fantastic opportunity to set the groundwork from the beginning rather than just whipping something together only to reinvest a few years later.

They had the opportunity to be known for something by the time they hosted their first powerlifting event in August of 2021.

getting started

When Erica and Alastair decided to start the process of branding their new powerlifting gym, they took to Instagram. They began asking their peers and network if they would recommend anyone to design their logo. And thanks to my amazing community, DoubleUnderscore was the most recommended. 

Before we began discussing what Erica and Alastair were after for their logo and inspiration, I first wanted them to complete a Brand Breakdown so we could both have a deeper understanding of what the goals of the business were, so our efforts were more impactful.

DoubleUnderscore BrandBreakdown Demo

Once the Brand Breakdown was completed, it was clear to our team that there was a huge opportunity to create more than just a logo!

But the logo is what started it all.

Branding: logo design

Scorrybreac had a clear vision in mind, and we knew that their logo was going to be a focal point of their facility. So, creating not only their primary logo, but alternatives for other uses was step one.

Alastair and Erica knew that they wanted to honour the family name with the crest they’ve had for generations, but it was up to DoubleUnderscore to bring their vision to life.

We began by creating the blueprint, which was the traditional crest in a flat colour style.

This looked good, but it was just a family crest, not a powerlifting gym logo.

So now, our goal was to bring some personality to the crest and infuse powerlifting without losing the integrity of the crest.

We added in the grungy, engraved texture that are common in powerlifting, and added weight plate details in the center of the crest.

The perfect combination of heritage and brand personality.

Getting online: Website

Then, it was time to build their online presence. Owner, Alastair, had a previous website where he was selling online programs. Our concern with this website was that it was built on a platform that was not beneficial for adding custom content like plugins or lend itself to SEO (search engine optimization), and above all that, it was not built for the new facility.

So, we started with the One-Day Website which included all the essentials needed to get online as quickly as possible.

We started with their homepage, services, and about pages (plus all your contact & legal pages). Once the gym was approaching their launch day, and their services were solidified, we were able to add additional pages, ecommerce, and integrate with their online booking portal (and I can’t tell you how exciting it was to have the Scorrybreac Barbell team email me right after launching to tell me they signed up their first member!).

expanding: events

MeetGraphic 3 scaledWith their logo in place, their website designed, and their first powerlifting meet approaching, Scorrybreac once again reached out to have graphics and apparel designed.

We created social media graphics which lead to a SOLD OUT event, and assisted in the launch of a collaborative t-shirt with powerlifting apparel company, Bacon and Barbells, where over 50% of the shirts were sold on a presale.

But, that’s enough from us, let’s  check out what the Scorrybreac team had to say:

We required a graphic designer to design the logo for our new gym (and brand). DoubleUnderscore came with very high recommendations!

We knew we needed to create a logo that can highlight the energy and values of the gym which you accomplished!! In fact, after you designed our logo, it received a ton of positive feedback (as it’s very distinguished), and we immediately had requests for apparel, it was very popular!

Next, we decided we needed a website and at that point you were booking for the One-Day website which was a great option for us. We were looking for a website that fully integrated ecommerce and scheduling (to optimize organization and communication abilities), as well as the basics like highlight where we came from and our services.

If we had not found you I suspect we may not have a website yet or we may have but the vision wouldn’t be consistent, which is not as ideal.

You have been very helpful in terms of teaching up about the different business support & website functions and were incredibly helpful in having us reflect on crucial business development strategies like our mission statement.

Overall, we have had an amazing experience working with DoubleUnderscore! Amanda developed an incredible logo and website for us, she’s exceptionally talented and her work is professional, high quality and unique to our brand (nothing cookie cutter). On top of that she’s been very helpful, walking us through everything, answering questions and making adjustments as needed.

10/10 recommend working with her, I couldn’t be happier with her work!

Scorrybreac Barbell’s journey started with simply completing a no obligation Brand Breakdown. We were able to collaboratively create a plan that would lead them from an empty space to hosting a sold out 2021 Powerlifting competition in the matter of a few months.

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