How to Add Instagram Highlight Covers (FREE Downloads)


How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights & Add Instagram Highlight Covers.

Before you can start sharing your best Instagram Stories Highlights on your profile, you need to learn how to add them! 

STEP 1 – Check your settings:

One major benefit of the new Instagram Stories Archive feature for brands is that it removes the possibility that you could lose your favourite content.

With the Archive feature, Instagram will automatically save your stories. Meaning that as long as you have your auto-archiving feature turned on, you can save & re-share your content.

Instagram Highlight Covers

STEP 2 - Curate Your Content

Now, let’s find the content you want to showcase on your profile longer than just 24 hours. 

To do this, click the NEW button and select all the story posts you want to categorize together. 

Instagram Highlight Covers _step 2

STEP 3 - Update your Instagram Highlight Covers

This is where you have the opportunity to elevate your brand and add additional graphics that will compliment your feed. 

Creating branded Instagram highlight covers will help keep the look and feel of your Instagram profile page consistent with your overall Instagram aesthetic. 

You want to make sure that you’re not only sharing information your audience is interested in, but it’s also designed to perfection to complement your overall look! 

Instagram Highlight Covers - step 3

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