Simple Trick to Hide Your Hashtags


Simple Trick to Hide Your Hashtags

Ever wonder how people are able to take advantage of hashtags and tag their friends in their story posts without leaving any trace?

Well it’s not actually rocket science! All you have to do is hide your hashtags.

The easiest way to hide your hashtags in your story is with a still image but it is also doable with a video.

Check out my step-by-step directions below to keep your Instagram stories clean and aesthetic while working for you.

  1. Decide on your hashtags and who you would like to take. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 10 hashtags in your Instagram story.
  2. Write them in a text box over your story. When tagging friends or brands, make sure that you don’t just copy and paste their username but actually click on the auto filled options. Otherwise it will not notify them of the tag it will just be text.
  3. Highlight the entire Text box and click the eyedropper tool in the top right & select a flat color in your photo
  4. Size down your text box, and place it over the background color you have selected.

It’s really that simple. Like I said, it isn’t rocket science

Follow these steps to determine your niche:

  1. Look at the clients you already work with.
    If you are personal trainer, for example, go through the clients you already train and order them from favourite to least favourite to train – just don’t tell them where they fall.
  2. Find the Common Thread
    Now that you have your favourite & least favourite clients, look for traits that are consistent through both camps. These traits could be their goals, life stages, healthy or unhealthy habits, or hobbies.
  3. Build an Ideal Personality
    This ideal personality will be a culmination of the positive traits that the people you enjoy working with posses. And it’s actually quite easy to determine.

Simply use the following formula to build your positioning statement.

I am/We are a (Your Services) who works with (target) to achieve (goal)

So, as a personal trainer this could be: I am a personal trainer who works with busy moms to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

Use this tip to set you apart from your competition and be viewed as a specialist in your field.


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