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Hello and welcome to the 12 Week Transformation Mentorship.

We are extremely excited to be on this journey with you and we hope you are just as excited too!


Just to give you a heads up, we OFFICIALLY start on Thursday after our first Zoom Call at 10:30.  

To give yourself a head start, we recommend you watch the following videos.

The next video will explain a bit about the program, how to use the site and the systems and strategies we will be using.  

The video after that explains key concepts that we will be referring to throughout the course along with outlining the entire 12 Weeks so you have a clear understanding of what to expect. We personally recommend watching this MULTIPLE times, as understanding the philosophy of what we are about to embark is extremely important, not to mention it will be vital when it comes to explaining this process to your clients.

There are some supplies and supplements you are going to need to take full advantage of this course.  We’ve created a video outlining that for you as well.


Every Thursday, you will receive access to that week’s lesson videos, resources and any homework. We suggest setting aside 60-90 minutes each week to review and implement the material.


There will be small test and mini-case studies throughout the course.  Most weeks you will see 5-10 questions we will send you to answer.  Half way through the course we have a “mid-term exam” consisting of 69 questions and 2 Case Studies.  There will also be another test at the completion of the course consisting of another set of 69 questions and 2 Case Studies.  We do this not to “pass or fail”, but to make sure key concepts and material is being retained and that you have the most amount of confidence working with your clients.

We are extremely excited to be on this journey with you.

Your Transformation Mentorship Team,

Ken Sylvan
Bharat Oza
Sara Fennell
Joe Arko

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