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how to write content faster & Better

Did you know that writing content (AKA blogging) is probably one of the best tools you could leverage for organic growth of your business?

If you’ve been stressing out about how to evolve your brand, find new clients, and build a business that is more than just you, but you feel like your last hope is paid ads, this blog is for you!

Without getting too much into the techy side of it, Google, and other search engines, absolutely love it when websites are frequently updated. It shows them that this is an active website and worth showing to people.

And what’s the easiest way to keep updating your website? Writing content!

But here’s the thing, so many of the peeps/partners/clients that I work with are so hesitant to actually start writing

Whether they’re scared of saying something wrong, stressed from feeling under qualified, or think writing content takes forever, they feel like their hands are tied and they don’t know where to even begin.

But the worst thing you can do, is wait.

Waiting delays the inevitable.

If you want to get better at writing, and get more organic traffic to your business, just get started!

To make that first step even just a little easier, we’re going to share our process for writing content so you can take advantage of it and start writing kickass content and learn how to write content faster!

PS, while this is written with blogs in mind, this system also works for social media content, just scale it down to a shorter length!

Here’s the process we use for creating our blogs

First and foremost, everything that we will be going over in this blog will be assuming that your business already has a niche and ideal client/hero/avatar in place. If you don’t already have those in place, pause on this article and check it out these handy tools to establish your basis for your business.

A second disclaimer, you’re going to ideally have some opt-in content that you can promote at the end of your blog. This could be an e-book, a downloadable tool, a weekly challenge, or it could just be sending you an email or signing up for your mailing list. Regardless of what you have in place, you need some sort of action to tell your readers to take.

Now that you have that situated, let’s investigate our blog writing process and how to write blogs that people care about.

how to write content faster & Better

step one: your cta

With any type of content, the flow will be as follows: problem, solution, call to action.

This is going to seem a little bit backwards to start, but I want you to start at the end of your continent. I want you to know what your call to action is going to be so that we can systematically guide your reader to that point.

At the bottom of this page, you will have an opportunity to download the worksheet that I use and what I get my clients to use as well. It’s going to be totally free it’s just there to help you out!

Once you have your call-to-action (CTA) set, now we are going to jump back to the beginning. If you remember these are the three steps:

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Call to action

So, we’re going to be going in the order: three, one, two.

how to write content faster & Better

step two: the problem

So now remembering what your call to action is, create a list of questions that your CTA can solve.

I highly recommend listening and observing what your followers and ideal clients are needing help with.

Just make sure that there’s a clear tie between the question you’re answering and your CTA.

As a trainer, if your call to action is a free assessment, or a free first workout, your content could be doing comparisons between training styles, exercise demos, and answering your FAQs.

Once you have your topic, you’re going to want to paint a picture about the struggles your avatar is having because they don’t know the answer to their question. Maybe they’re having knee pain, their weight isn’t changing, or maybe they haven’t been able to increase her strength. Paint a picture to prove do you understand their problem.

how to write content faster & Better

step three: the solution

Now, is the for the fun part. The solution is where you can share your knowledge, position yourself as the expert in this situation, and start building relationships with your readers.

Typically, your solution will take one of these forms:

  1. A list
  2. A step-by-step how to
  3. An anecdotal piece
  4. Or a recap of a success story you have had either personally or one of your clients

Ultimately, which ever form you take with your solution, just make sure that it is a process that is easily achievable and easy to digest for your readers.

how to write content faster & Better

step four: review

So, you have your content prepared, and you’ve written a wonderful piece of educational content, now it’s time to make sure that it is representing your brand well!

Once you’ve written the contact, we’re going to want to check these 3 elements to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward

  1. Proofread out loud
  2. Check your links (internal and external)
  3. Test your opt-in functionality

And it’s just that easy!

how to write content faster

what's next?

If you don’t have a kickass free opt-in prepared, there’s no point in writing content as a business! Get started with creating a free opt-in by following our free guide


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